Medical Department

Overview of the Medical Department

Health Care Services are provided to residents of St. Christopher’s Inn via our Article 28 Diagnostic & Treatment Center, which is licensed by the NYS Department of Health.  Known to the residents as the Medical Department, the clinic provides treatment aimed at optimizing the clients’ physical and mental health.

The Medical Department provides a wide range of services including physical exams, episodic sick call visits and management of chronic health conditions.  Ambulatory detox services are available for uncomplicated detoxification.  Psychological testing and psychotherapy can also be accessed in the Medical Department.  Psychiatric evaluations and follow up, including medication management are also services that are provided at the Medical Department at St. Christopher’s Inn.

The medical staff is comprised of physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and nurses who participate in the treatment of each resident.  The Medical staff takes an active role in the education of clients.  Clients receive information about health conditions, medications and treatments.  Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner leads a medication management group, and the nurses are involved in didactic lectures regarding the effects of addiction on one’s health, both on a physical and mental level.   HIV education is also provided for all clients.  HIV testing and referrals are available for those clients who wish to be tested, or are in need of treatment.