Mental Health Services

Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners provide mental Health Services. 

Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrist provide psychiatric evaluations for all clients who are on psychotropic medications. Evaluations are also conducted for clients whose behavior warrants one. A client may be referred for an evaluation based on past history, staff observations, or at the request of the client himself.

A psychiatric evaluation involves an extensive client interview covering mental status, mood, thoughts, feelings, stressors, social supports, trauma history and any history of suicide attempts. Prior treatment history is also reviewed, including any other attempts at sobriety. Clients are educated about the nature of their mental illness and how the mental illness may have contributed to their alcohol and or drug use. There is generally a high degree of cooperation among clients who begin to grasp an under4standing of the nature of their illness. The most common disorders include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder and attention deficit disorder.

"We strive to restore the personal dignity of each individual by utilizing a holistic approach in all our programs."