Testimonials/Success Stories

Timothy A. was the Alumni Speaker at the 2013 Board of Directors Dinner.  Watch as Timothy shares how St. Christopher's Inn "gave him back his keys."


“I would recommend St. Christopher’s Inn to those who want the help. I wish I knew this place existed a few years ago. My brother could have still been alive today.  He had the same problem I had, alcohol and drugs.”

“The lessons I learned here are more about life than recovery. To see and feel people care for me without asking for anything in return is unbelievable. I was trusted, respected, care for, loved and made to feel a part of a community. I don’t know if I ever experienced that before.”

“Thank you for everything but mostly for a better tomorrow.”

“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you personally for your service to the recovery of those that are in the grip of an evil that destroys those that are in it as well as those who love them. It is an insidious condition that goes against everything that is right and good. It is a war against the devil himself, fought one battle at a time with those who are “Brothers Christopher.”

“I learned a lot, I found my religion again and my spirituality. These will help me become the person God wanted me to be and the father & husband I will be. It feels good to be an alumni, Brothers Christopher.”

“When they say Holy Mountain, they really mean it. I came here a broken man with a great empty hole inside of me. I used to try to fill this hole with drugs and alcohol and here I found something with real substance called spirituality. I feel complete, as corny as that sounds, I mean it.”

“I believe there is only one way possible to repay St. Christopher’s Inn for all the many things I have received. That is to do what I was taught to do while I was here. That is to stay sober one day at a time.”

“My love and my heart belongs to St. Christopher’s Inn.”

“During the past ten months I have continued to receive valuable help and kind treatment from the Friars, Sisters and staff. As a result I have received some very important blessings such as reconnecting with my family, making new sober friends and addressing other important life areas. For me the most important change has been the waking up of my spirit.”

“There is a very dynamic process of recovery here at St. Christopher’s Inn. I don’t think I will ever really understand how they do it. And I don’t have to. That is the greatest gift this holy mountain has given me…t he ability to stop thinking and go with my heart. If I make that choice every morning, I will be sober when my head hits the pillow every night… God willing.”

“I am a new man now, and will continue to apply the precious lessons, tools and gifts I received here daily, as I remain in the walls of SCI at Project renewal. There, I will create a new life for myself. I’ll cherish this place and it’s people for the rest of my days.”

“If there was one thing I would tell new residents, it would be that if you can truly embrace and appreciate the epitome of this program, you will soon discover that the man you are capable of becoming has been inside of you all along, deeply within just waiting for you to unlock the depths of your soul and let him shine.”

“I am incredibly grateful for the time I have spent here. For what I have learned about myself, my disease, about other people.”

“St. Christopher’s Inn should be seen as a role model for other programs to aspire in becoming.”

“I’ll be sixty years old in June and I was faithless, hopeless and lost in my addiction. The treatment I received from those who work the St. Christopher’s Inn miracle will never leave me and its staff of support I can always lean on through troubled times.”

“I found I can live again.”

“I became a person that if I met I would like. I would want to be his friend.”

“I came in with self- hate, guilt and shame and leaving with a whole new outlook.”

“I couldn’t have done this anywhere else. I feel like a new person, alive again.”

“My family is back in my life.”

“I owe everyone here my life.”

“During my stay I learned so much about myself that I cannot specify one goal, but learning who I am and learning that I don’t need alcohol were very important.”

“Learned to be open, honest and willing to fight for my recovery.”

“St. Christopher’s Inn was truly an enriching experience for me. Every aspect of the program had a reason. There are some truly amazing people here. I felt part of a family from the counselors and staff to cooks in the kitchen. I met a lot of wonderful people and friends I’d like to stay in touch with. I felt gratitude for what I was allowed to do and what was given to me.”

“I didn’t believe in anything and now people here have given me faith in myself and life.”

“I learned to love myself and with that my self-esteem rose.”

“How does one who has received so much from people who ask for nothing in return say goodbye? How do you say goodbye to people who held you when you cried, and emotionally walked you through the endless days when you could not do it yourself, and never once judged you or criticized you? Who just loved him until he learned how to love himself again? I do not have an answer to this.”

“I’m still learning about myself everyday. My foundation continues to become stronger everyday and I hold what I discovered about myself on that mountain in my newly opened heart.”

“I am now a man of action and I believe in myself and my potential. My life is the most important thing to me and I do feel worthy of love and respect.”

“I want to thank you for my scholarship. My disease has taken so much from me. It took my loved ones; It my career; it took my values; it took me to death’s door and left me there alone. The most important thing that it took was my soul; it left me as a broken man. A shell of which I once was. I may be alone writing you this letter, but I’m not alone. I am surrounded by people who genuinely care. By giving me the scholarship, you have given me hope. Hope that I have a chance at living a normal life and regaining the person I once was. Thank you for your compassion to an alcoholic in need.”

“I was literally in the pits of hell and you reached down, unafraid of burning your own arms, and pulled me out. How can I thank you for that?”

I dropped my off my eighteen-year old son Michael off at the Inn. He was angry, apathetic, addicted and full of self-loathing. Today, when I picked him up I had my “old” Michael back. I haven’t seen him so happy and excited in year. He has a long road ahead of him but now he’s looking forward to a bright future thanks to all at St. Christopher’s.”

“St. Christopher’s has shown me a new way of life, all my needs were met and more. To all the staff – thank you.”

“I feel this program is an ideal program. This is the first re-hab I’ve ever completed and I feel that this one is outstanding by far to any I’ve heard of and/or experienced. I thank the staff and the Friars.”

“I owe my counselor Fr. Bill a great deal. Dealing with issues I never wanted to talk about.”

“I am grateful to one and all. I made lasting friendships and will carry all my peers and the staff, along with the Friars, all in my heart.”

“A Jewish kid finding and being comfortable with this concept of God is amazing. The gates opened for me. I find this truly amazing.”

“The love, caring and compassion of the staff speaks for itself. The fact that the Friars and staff chose this vocation blows me away – thank you!”

“This is an excellent program; I only wish I had more time to take a greater advantage of what it has to offer. I’ve been through a few facilities and I am taking more with me from this one than all the others combined.”

“I have been in over 10 treatments, rehabs and detoxes and St. Christopher’s Inn is the best one by far. The level of care and commitment is the best. I can’t begin to tell you how much help I got from the staff and Friars. May God bless all of you.”