St. Christopher's Historic Timeline

St. Christopher's Inn

December 1900
After completion of St. Paul’s Friary in 1900, Wayfarers seeking food and shelter were housed in the woodshed and shoe shop of the Friary.

May 1907
Fr. Paul begins using the name “Brothers Christopher” for the wayfarers seeking assistance.  This is the term originally used by the Sisters of the Atonement.

January 1909
Fr. Paul begins using the chicken coop to house wayfarers 
seeking food and shelter.  This was the first designated space 
for the wayfarers.  A picture of the “chicken coop” appears in
the Lamp Magazine - December 1910.

St. Christopher's Inn

December 1920
Barracks bought for $2500 from Camp Merritt, N.J. to give the wayfarers  more suitable lodging.  Originally planned to be placed at St. Anthony’s Farm, it was actually placed just below the top of the Graymoor hill where it has remained to the present.

March 1928
Construction completed for the barracks at a cost of $6500, including the foundation.  Lamp Magazine to solicit funds for this project.

March  1930
Shack added for additional housing.

April 1932
Addition added at back of the Inn.

APRIL 1933
The foundations for the new Inn were begun in 1929 with final completion in April 1933 at a cost of $60,000.  Once again The Lamp Magazine was used for solicitation of funds.

St. Christopher's Inn - 1952

October 1952
New wing added to building.

May 1960
AA Meetings become a regular occurrence at the Inn.

May 1961
Matt Talbot Hall completed.  This is the reception and processing center for new arrivals.

Spring 1968
Basic counseling, referral and medical services initiated at the Inn.

January 1991
Mission Statement for St. Christopher’s Inn approved by the General Council.

October 1993
The $5.5 million dollar expansion and renovation begun in October 1991 was completed with the dedication on St. Francis Day. (Friars reserves were used to fund this project).

January 1996
OASAS license for Outpatient Alcoholism Counseling received in April 1996, effective January 1, 1996.

October 1999
OASAS license for Medically Supervised Ambulatory Substance Abuse Out -patient Treatment Program received.

April 2000
Article 28 license receive from DOH for Diagnostic and Treatment Center Services, (retroactive to December 16, 1999).

St. Christopher's Inn - Today

September 2000
 Board of Directors established for St. Christopher’s Inn