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Spotlight on Brothers Christopher, Coffeehouse

March 15, 2019

One of the most anticipated monthly events for the men atSt. Christopher’s Inn is the “Coffeehouse.” For one evening each month, the Brothers Christopher gather in the large community room to enjoy an evening of live music, poetry and artistic expression.During this one special hour, everyone in the St. Christopher’s Inn recovery community comes together to support the performers, and to enjoy and embrace social activities without the need for drugs or alcohol. The Brothers Christopher consistently rate the Coffeehouse as one of their most enjoyable activities during their stay at St. Christopher’s Inn.

So just what is “Coffeehouse?”As the name implies it is homage to café society, which dates back centuries. Coffeehouses have always served as a center of social interaction, where people are welcomed to eat, drink read, write, and to share their personal creations and/or talents to entertain one another.

While the St. Christopher’s Inn coffeehouse is not looking for the next Bob Dylan, we have discovered and enjoyed highlighting the incredible talent among many of the Brothers Christopher. The men have access to several instruments that have been donated over the years by alumni, including guitars, drums, keyboards and bongos. Some Brothers Christopher share their original poetry, some perform songs by their favorite artists, and some prefer to just enjoy and take it all in.

Marla Newborn, who works as a Counselor at St.Christopher’s Inn, volunteers to coordinate the event from behind the scenes. Although the show is driven by the men, Marla enjoys working with and supporting this creative outlet, which contributes to their recovery journey. The men work together to organize, negotiate rehearsal time, to exercise their interpersonal skills, and to share the spotlight with others. Additionally, the Brothers Christopher must abide by all treatment rules and be in good standing at the Inn to be eligible to participate.

Each month when the night of the show arrives, the energy in the room is electric! The long-serving dining room manager,Janet Muzzillo, provides cake and cookies during the performance, along with coffee of course! The love and support the men display for one another is overwhelming. Whether in the audience or on stage, many realize for the first time that being in recovery is truly enjoyable!

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