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Family Engagement Project

The Family Engagement Project is an initiative started in 2017.  The goal of the project is to involve families within the first two weeks of a client being admitted to the day rehabilitation program, in order to reduce the number of clients leaving treatment against clinical advice.

Results are encouraging, and have shown an increase in retention and completion rates for clients who involve their family members early on in the recovery process. If you would like to know more, please contact your loved one’s counselor to discuss your participation in the Family Engagement Project.

Family Program

family involvement in rehabilitationAddiction is a family disease, so repairing and creating new relationships with family members is an important part of recovery.  That’s why the optional Family Program is consistently listed by graduates as one of the best parts of their treatment at St. Christopher’s Inn.

The program meets 3 weekends per month, and the purpose of the program is to help the clients and family members understand addiction as a family disease, how to get healthy, and to build a foundation so that a new relationship can emerge between clients and family members to promote lasting recovery.

The first week of the program addresses the disease concept, and is an important first step in helping families understand their loved one’s behavior. The second week focuses on codependency. In the third week families receive instruction on how to recognize their enabling behaviors.

Over the three weekends, the program has two components—a lecture/education series; and interactive exercises in a controlled group. During these exercises, clients and family members share and process some of their behaviors which have impacted their family. This powerful exercise allows clients to get honest and open with family members, which is a crucial step towards recovery.

All family members receive information about AL-Anon, are encouraged to attend therapy, and to start taking care of themselves rather than always taking care of others. Everyone in the family is encouraged to get healthy as individuals to break the dysfunctional enabling family system.

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