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Brothers Christopher House

Brothers Christopher House (BCH) is an 11 bed facility run by St. Christopher’s Inn, licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services and located in White Plains, NY.

Transitional Living

This transitional living house is staffed with a full time Credentialed Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor, as well as a House Manager to provide a therapeutic and supportive environment.  BCH is designed to help men who have attained a period of sobriety and completed a component of treatment for addiction at St. Christopher’s Inn, transition back into their communities through a supportive living environment. The average stay is six to nine months.

The house is conveniently located close to shopping, the library, major forms of public transportation, a hospital and urgent care, probation and Department of Social Services—all within a short walking distance.  Many 12 Step meetings are also within walking distance and available daily. Several gyms and parks are easily reached for healthy activities. For those who choose, various houses of worship are close by.

Treatment & Community

There are three phases of treatment for the men at BCH. The first phase is primarily focused on establishing a solid foundation for long term recovery. For the first month a new member of the community is escorted by an established member, who provides support, guidance and assistance by familiarizing him with navigating White Plains.

The men receive outpatient treatment in Harrison NY for the first half of the day, through individual and group therapy. The remainder of the day is spent either completing an assigned house chore, taking care of their home and fellow residents, or engaged in other healthy activities including exercise, reading, meeting with a sponsor, actively working on the 12 steps, creative art forms, playing pool or dominoes with other residents, and solidifying the family atmosphere found at BCH. The men are encouraged to reconnect with healthy hobbies and activities enjoyed before active addiction.

Each day ends with a community meal cooked by a resident, along with lively conversation while the men choose which 12 step meeting to attend that night. Family members are allowed to visit during the first month with prior approval.

Phase two may begin after 30 days and community members are allowed one overnight stay, along with several day passes to visit family on the weekends. Community members are allowed to travel from BCH after treatment unaccompanied to the gym or library and other various activities during the daytime hours before dinner. All residents return to BCH at 4:30 pm to prepare for dinner together at five pm.

In addition, members in phase two begin to connect with Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR), other job placement services and educational opportunities, along with beginning to think about their next steps concerning housing.

Leadership and Independence

BCH members in phase three are encouraged to take leadership roles within the BCH community, welcoming new members, leading the Sunday night in House AA meeting, or helping other members attain skills such as cooking and meal prep or budgeting. Phase three allows for full weekend passes, return to education or schooling with close cooperation from the Dept. of Social Services. BCH members in phase three will acquire enough money to live self sufficiently before leaving BCH.

At BCH we continue to love and support each individual. We stress the importance of an active 12 step program as well as a spiritual connection to a higher power, and we believe each member is a good man worthy of love and respect who deserves the ability to follow their dreams and return to a happy productive life.

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