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Substance Use Treatment
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What to Bring

Please know that all of your needs will be met through the generosity of the Friars and Benefactors. If you do not have any of the recommended items, they will be provided for you.

Recommended ItemsMan with packed bags

  • One weeks’ worth of clothing (laundry is done on-site)
    • Collared shirts and long pants are required during treatment hours
    • Sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, and appropriate T-shirts are allowed after treatment hours only
  • Current prescribed medications
  • Toiletries (cannot contain alcohol)
  • Cigarettes – carton and/or pack; Must be sealed. (Family may send additional cigarettes during your stay through US Post Office only.)

Optional Items

  • Hair Clippers
  • Shower Shoes
  • A watch without an alarm


  • You may bring money with you to use in vending/snack machines or to purchase phone cards for $5 each. We recommend no more than $25 – $50. No debit cards are permitted.
    • We do have a banking system where you can deposit and withdraw money (Monday – Friday 12:30 – 3:30pm) if you are not comfortable having money on your person or in your locker. St. Christopher’s Inn is not responsible for money lost during your stay that is not secured through the banking system.
    • Family may send cash or money orders (through the US Post Office only). Maximum money order amount is $25 each. More than one money order may sent at the same time. Money orders will be cashed through the banking system during banking hours.
      St. Christopher’s Inn is not responsible for cash lost through the US Postal Service.

Important Shipping Note: All items sent to someone in residence at St. Christopher’s Inn must be sent through the United States Post Office only! No packages delivered via UPS, Fed Ex, another shipper or personal delivery will be accepted. St. Christopher’s Inn staff is not permitted to sign for any packages and is not responsible for ensuring a package is returned to the sender.

Please do not bring anything other than what is listed above, as we do not have the storage space for additional items. We appreciate your cooperation.

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