Board of Directors

St. Christopher’s Inn is fortunate to have a group of seasoned professionals with both corporate and local contacts serving on our Board of Directors. These individuals are committed to promoting and supporting the ministry of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement through their leadership and oversight of St. Christopher’s Inn.

Board Officers

Chair – Mark Goldberg

Vice Chair – Don Ehman

Secretary – Fr. Charles Sharon, SA

Treasurer –

Member-at-Large – Robert Okulski

Friar Members

Fr. Dennis Polanco, SA

Br. Joe O’Gara, SA

Board Members

A. James Forbes, Jr.

Dr. Patricia Lennon

Valerie Mastronardi

Alan Meckler

Guy Novo

Elaine Taylor

Kevin Verronneau

Mark Goldberg, Chair
Mark Goldberg, Chair

“I am so fortunate to be able to serve on the Board of Directors of St. Christopher’s Inn. It is both uplifting and rewarding for me to be a small part of making a true difference in the lives of men that never thought it possible that they could live better lives. St. Christopher’s Inn saves lives.”