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Expectations of Brothers Christopher

Since your loved one is living in the home of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, they are held to a higher standard of conduct than you might be accustomed to in other programs. The possession of, or use of any substance is a significant violation of our guidelines, negatively impacts our environment, and poses a safety risk to our clients. Clients who engage in this activity will be discharged as soon as this is deemed safe for the client.


In order to provide the best opportunity for successful recovery for all our clients, we maintain certain expectations, including but not limited to:

  • We expect your loved one to respect themselves and others at all times
  • We expect your loved one to actively participate in their recovery by:
    • Participating in Group Therapy
    • Attending Lectures
    • Completing Assigned Activity
    • Other Activities as recommended by Professional Staff
  • We expect everyone to refrain from using foul language
  • We expect clients to remain within the posted boundaries of the Inn
  • We expect clients to refrain from trading or selling any drugs or medications at all times
  • We expect clients to refrain from the destruction or attempted destruction of property
  • We expect clients to refrain from physical confrontations of any kind

Discharge Committee

A violation of these expectations could result in appearing before the Discharge Committee. The Discharge Committee reviews each potential discharge and gives the client a final opportunity to present himself before a determination is made.

We often hear from concerned family members after a loved one has been discharged from treatment before completing. Please note the following:

We do not have the ability to keep someone here

  • Who does not want to be here
  • With rare exception, everyone who is asked to leave the facility is given a document that outlines the infractions that resulted in the decision to discharge. Please ask to see that paper.
  • Unlike other facilities, our policy is to try and provide transportation as close to the desired destination of our clients as possible upon discharge. We do not just send people to the streets. If this is what you were told, please investigate further.

We hope that as loved ones, you appreciate the type of environment we maintain for our clients, and recognize that the structure we provide is an important part of their recovery process. Thank you for entrusting your loved one to us—we look forward to helping you restore your family.

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