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Message from Fr. Dennis

During my 50 + years as a Franciscan Friar of the Atonement, I have served in various capacities in many ministries all over the world. I am very humbled to currently be serving as the President & Spiritual Director at St. Christopher’s Inn, the Friars ministry to chemically dependent men in crisis, along with their families and loved ones.

St. Christopher’s Inn is different from every other addiction treatment and recovery center because the men live in the home of the Friars, a religious community offering Franciscan Hospitality to men in need for more than 100 years, with no expectation or requirements related to race, religion or the ability to pay for room and board.

In addition to housing, we offer compassionate and professional treatment for addiction in our out-patient treatment program. One of our goals is to maintain an environment that encourages and facilitates men in their treatment plan so they can achieve recovery. The presence of the Friars serving at the Inn is a key part of this environment, as they assure men they are welcomed, they are safe and they are loved, no matter what they may think of themselves when they arrive.

Frequently the men who come to the Inn feel they are broken beyond repair. This is because one of the first things that the disease of addiction weakens or destroys is a person’s spirit, and they lose hope of ever recovering. These men are in need of more than just chemical dependency treatment—they need a spiritual awakening. This is why the Spiritual Direction offered to the men by the Friars and Staff often times becomes the cornerstone of their recovery, and another reason for the Inn’s great success.

If your loved one is currently staying at St. Christopher’s Inn, please know that they are being cared for both compassionately and professionally by all who work at the Inn. We welcome your participation in your loved one’s recovery through our Family Program. Please also take the time to look through all the resources and links that are available on our site for more information to help you through this challenge.

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