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Franciscan Hospitality is extended by the Friars of Atonement to every man who comes to St. Christopher’s Inn in search of a better way. Most of the men who come are battling some type of substance addiction, and need a time of respite from their current living environment to focus on healing and recovery; to remember that they are worthy of love and respect; to renew their spirit. The Friars are able to offer this opportunity at no cost to the men, removing the financial burden of living expenses while they work on healing from addiction in treatment.

Accommodations & Necessities

Like the Friars did for so many years, the men live in dormitory-style accommodations at the Inn, with lockers to store their clothes and belongings.

If any of the men need clothing, the Friars and Staff of the Inn have assembled an extensive clothing room with all sizes and styles, for any kind of weather conditions. Every man is given what he needs for his stay at the Inn, and laundry is done on site.

All men in need of medical attention are seen and evaluated by doctors and nurses in our Article 28 Clinic, and appropriate medications or treatments are provided. Many of the men who come to us have been without required medications for long periods and must be monitored and stabilized physically before they can work on healing from addiction mentally and spiritually.

Three meals a day are served family style to all the men in the Paul Manzo Memorial Dining Room, along with conversation and encouragement. In addition, coffee and snacks are available in the evening hours.

Recreation, Assignments & Optional Services

man cutting fruitThere is also a recreation room with ping pong tables, exercise bicycles, video games, puzzles and a library to help the men stay busy during treatment down times.

All men staying in the shelter, but not admitted to addiction treatment services, are also welcomed and invited to attend daily mass at the Inn, educational lectures about addiction, 12-Step meetings and spiritual counseling.

In lieu of payment for a shelter stay with the Friars, all residents are asked to perform an assigned activity, to help with upkeep and maintenance of the “Holy Mountain” such as: helping to prepare and/or serve meals to their fellow Brothers Christopher, staff, Friars or Sisters of Atonement; working in admissions to welcome new Brothers Christopher; preparing guest rooms for the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center; assisting Facilities Staff with care for the buildings and grounds; or other assignments as needed and appropriate.

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