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Message For Family

Please know that virtually every need of your loved one is provided for here at the Inn through the Friars, staff, and generous benefactors of the Inn. We treat all of our clients with the best possible care by remaining true to the guiding ethical values set forth by our founding community, the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement.

Letters & Packages

You are welcomed and invited to write letters of encouragement to your loved one at the Inn. However, in order to continually achieve our high success rates, we must maintain strict adherence to visitation and package guidelines.

If your loved one is in need of clothing, it will be provided, along with bedding, meals and snacks. We ask that you do NOT send anything other than what is listed on What To Bring, as we do not have the storage space for it and cannot be responsible for additional personal belongings. In order to comply with HIPAA regulations, we cannot accept any type of express, certified and/or similar mail for residents at St. Christopher’s Inn.


Visitation is only allowed through our optional Family Engagement Project, Family Program or through Court Mandates. This helps to keep everyone at the Inn safe. St. Christopher’s Inn is located on a beautiful 400 acre setting. A more open policy on visitation could present security risks for our entire community here. We hope you understand that while 90 days may seem like a long time for you and your loved one to be apart, we believe it’s just the right amount of time, with the right amount of focus to maximize your loved one’s chances for successful recovery.

See Expectations of a Brother Christopher

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