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Images of Self: For the Brothers’ Christopher

August 16, 2021

I am in a room of many mirrors.
Some reflect who I was.
Others, the person I am today.
Still more, who I wish to become.
Thoughts and feelings transmitted into glass.
Previous negative images shattered through my new will.
I am determined to be transparent to myself and to others.
No need for pretense.
I am the person in the mirror
earning trust as I go forth in life.
No more endless cuts on the shards of addiction.
I feel whole again.
Ready to take on the challenges of life.
Sobriety overcomes the most subtle urge to fall.
I have changed inside; no more a shallow image.
Standing tall.
Not hiding in the shadows of the falsity of substances.
Awakened to the sweet sound of calmness.
Days and weeks not wasted away,
my senses no longer taking flight on uncharted courses.
My road was paved by my Higher Power.
Inner thoughts inspiring me to achieve new greatness.
I live only in the confines of today.
Yesterday is past; tomorrow is a myth.
I can soar with the birds now in unified happiness.
No longer fogged by cloudy dreams of purposeless highs.
My depth is my renewed spirit,
taking each step to reinforce my walk of life.
Determined to be thorough in my recovery,
examining my resilience through daily reflection.
Learning acceptance and tolerance,
using humility to define my soul,
coping with life’s persistent stressors.

– Nathaniel L

This writing is selected as an excerpt from the book Effective Use of Creative Writing in the Treatment of Addiction to Chemical Substances, Eric A. Kreuter, Ph.D., editor, a clinician at St. Christopher’s Inn.
It is published by Nova Science Publishers, to learn more click HERE.

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