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Ryan Idema

Ryan Idema, Supervisor of Client Benefits ServicesRyan Idema is Supervisor of Client Benefits Services, a service unique to St. Christopher’s Inn, which assists clients to secure benefits needed for both treatment and aftercare. Ryan works with many clients before they arrive at St. Christopher’s Inn to guide them through the process of applying for and obtaining health insurance and aids new residents with the utmost affection and care.Ryan leads the Benefit Specialists and shares his years of knowledge to uphold his belief in the mission and helping clients in every possible way to obtain treatment while at St. Christopher’s Inn, and after completion.

Ryan passionately carries out the mission set forth by the Friars of the Atonement, and whole-heartedly believes that no man that comes to St. Christopher’s Inn in search of help is to be turned away due inability to pay. Ryan brings warmth and compassion to every man whom he works with and understands the importance of overall care in recovery including treatment, physical and emotional health, and spirituality.

Ryan has many years working in treatment services, and throughout his time, working at St. Christopher’s Inn has formed many helpful and lasting relationships with local agencies to benefit the men and ensure they are able to receive help with not only treatment, but housing, food, and additional services they may be entitled. Ryan has heavily assisted in the establishment of Brother’s Christopher House, and the new San Damiano Farm and continues to be an integral part of the mission growth.

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