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Charles J

September 6, 2019

Came to THE INN in 2008. Beaten and desperate ,everything was gone I was hopeless and my marriage had taken all it could take ,the addiction had won ,I had to surrender.I was still unsure about recovery but I wanted the pain to stop so I was willing, just a bit to try again after 8 treatments. I did what I had to do in groups and family program and things changed in my spirit ,I had hope..
What a change of heart. I left St. Christopher’s and continued with the plan they suggested and went to a halfway house and then to jail 4 months later, not new crimes but the judge considers the circumstances of 3 court visits and me being in THE INN. I had a foundation of faith,hope and acceptance when I got sentenced to 1 year and I was clean and hopeful.
I did my time went back to the halfway house after ,I knew a Higher Power was in play when that plan was put together with the team on that Holy Mountain and I was convinced it would still work for me. And it did. 11 years later I am a homeowner, in college seeking an associate’s degree in Human Services from DCC, happily married still to OCTAVIA who dropped me off that day, hurt also. I am forever grateful for the 12 step meetings that came in and gave me info to identify with..
Today I am still clean because of a relationship with GOD ,SPONSOR AND MEETINGS AND THE LOVE AND SUPPORT OF ST.CHRISTOPHER’S

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