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Rob G

September 6, 2019

In October 1991l I was brought to St.Christophers by 5 men who knew I needed help. I had been working on Wall St., as a fixed-income bond analyst. I had a wonderful job. I lost it all to drugs. The men bought me a cup of coffee and a hamburger and got me into the car and brought me up. Brother Benny was at the reception center. He took my clothing and threw them away as I had been in the street for weeks addicted to crack cocaine. I was a mess. I had lost my job, my family, everything. I was completely lost and afraid. I remember that first night sleeping on a cot wondering if this was the first step out of my personal hell. It turned out to be. I spent 3 months at St.Christophers inn learning from Bro.Gregory and others. I delved into the 12 steps, I took solace in the chapel regularly, I participated and did whatever I was asked to do. I was then offered a scholarship to St.Joe’s in Saranac lake NY. I took advantage of that and 8 weeks later went to a half-way house in Poughkeepsie NY. Sadly I relapsed soon after but immediately went back into getting clean and sober again. I started my life over working at a truck stop cleaning showers and toilets. I went to 12 step meetings twice daily. I put one day at a time to work. Today I have been totally clean and sober since 1995. I owe St.Christophers so much. Saved my life. Today I am a Crisis Counselor at the Veterans Administrations National Suicide/Crisis line helping my brother and sister Veterans. I live in the Finger lakes with my horses, dogs, cats and a beautiful wife. Today I am rich in spirit. I love the Friars and Sisters of the Atonement.

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