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August 31, 2021


Do people still remember us?
Do they still remember our names?
Do they remember who we were?
Can they still hear our voices?
Our whispers on the wind of times past.
Our last moments on this Earth.
Can you hear us?
If so, listen to what we have to say.
We’re all sorry for our actions.
We didn’t want this to happen to us.
To not be there anymore.
Or to hurt our loved ones this way.
To become a memory.
A brick on this wall.
All we wanted was that feeling again.
One more time.
Now look what that feeling cost us.
It cost us everything.
So, if you can hear us, please listen to us bricks.
Hear what we have to say.
You are good men worthy of love and respect.
Give yourself a chance.
Don’t be like us.
Don’t chase that feeling one more time.
Because it may be your last time.
We didn’t think we would be bricks on this wall.
We didn’t think it would be our last time.
So, we promise you this.
If you try.
You don’t have to become a brick on this wall.
So, pray for us.
And those who don’t know about us bricks on the wall.
Because we are the bricks on the wall.

~ G.B.

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