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September 15, 2021

By Mark N.

I came into st Christopher’s in may of 2017. I had nothing except the clothes on my back. My spirit was broken and i had nowhere to go. Something started to change within me during my 3 month stay. I slowly began to see the beauty in the world. My soul was coming to life and at some point I became willing to change and began to envision a life of recovery for myself. Sci blessed me with hope. Hope is what kept me alive when I was lost. The day I separated I made a meeting the day I left. I have been clean since May 2017 and have an amazing life today. I have a wife with 2 kids, an amazing career and I own my own home today. None of this would be possible if I had decided NOT to walk into those doors that rainy day in may 4 years ago. I look back on my time there with love and gratitude in my heart and continue to share my experience there with others seeking recovery

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