Vocational Services

The vocational services provided at St. Christopher's Inn consist of several programs.

A Job Readiness lecture series, provided by the Vocational Counselor, covers topics including Assessing Job Skills, Looking For Work, Completing Applications, Resumes and Cover Letters, Interviewing Skills, Job Training Programs and Job Issues in Early Recovery. Outside speakers are invited to present such topics as The Employers Perspective, Financial Planning and Credit Counseling. A volunteer also provides individual credit counseling.

Our GED program, which is taught by a volunteer, provides preparation for the GED test. From 2007-2009, 22 men have obtained their GED through this program. Many of these GED recipients have been photographed in cap and gown and their portraits are hung in our multi-purpose room. This provides both recognition of individual achievement and inspiration for other men. Our Math Skills program, also taught by a volunteer, helps men to enhance their math skills and provides supplemental instruction in math for our GED candidates.

Another area is our Literacy Volunteer Program. This allows men who have problems with reading, reading comprehension and writing to receive individual assistance to complete treatment assignments. Currently there are 12 volunteers from the community who provide this service.

A final component of the program is individual assistance from the Vocational Counselor in creating or revising a resume, practicing interviewing skills and addressing difficult situations as barriers to employment.

St. Christopher's Inn is very fortunate to have an IBM-donated Computer Lab where the men can work on their computer skills with IBM volunteers.