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A New Kitchen at SCI

August 20, 2019
Father Dennis blessing the new kitchen

The Brothers Christopher, friars and staff are all enjoying the benefits of a newly renovated kitchen! Thanks to a grant from The Gift of Hope Foundation, the St. Christopher’s Inn kitchen has a non-slip floor, better lighting, new equipment, more efficient storage space for dry goods, and grateful workers. The food services crew are all very excited to make use of their new professional space to feed and nourish the friars and the Brothers Christopher.

Mike Rizzo, Director of Food Services, shared, “We are so excited to be in this new space with the opportunity to prepare and serve creative, nutritious and delicious meals for the Brothers Christopher. We are honored to be a part of the healing process for the men who come to the Inn, and look forward to more creativity and variety in meals as we grow into our new space.”

Fr. Dennis Polanco, President & Spiritual Director at the Inn offered a prayer and a blessing over the new kitchen. He shared: “Addiction is a disease of mind, body and spirit, and all three elements require attention and healing. Proper nourishment is essential to a healthy body, and once the men begin to heal physically, they are open to healing in mind and spirit. Our new kitchen will be a blessing to thousands of men over the years as they begin their recovery here.”

Our thanks to The Gift of Hope Foundation who made this renovation possible, and for partnering with us to serve men in crisis with nowhere else to turn.

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