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June 15, 2018

A Brother Christopher recently asked me: “How can I become more Spiritual?”
This question often arises in the course of Spiritual Direction at the Inn because one of the first things that the disease of addiction weakens or destroys is a person’s spirit. The need for substances to cope with life becomes the dominant power in a person’s life and nothing else matters.

Spirituality is a lived experience, and everyone has their own unique human spirit. Parents foster this growth in their children and come to see these differences early on. The spirituality of any 12 Step program, like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, reawakens an addicted person to their own goodness and human spirit. Rediscovering their goodness is called a “spiritual awakening” and can be a sudden event or, for most, a gradual experience.

Spirituality is an ongoing experience of a new way of life. It helps a person to go beyond themselves and seek a power greater than themselves. This Higher Power can be God, in the Christian sense, or any other ultimate value that promotes the flourishing of the human spirit.

The logo of SCI has these words: Where Hope & Compassion Meet. This really describes the ministry of all the Friars and Staff who work at the Inn. Hope in the Biblical sense is not a “hope-so” or “hope my team wins,” but it is a “know so.” Biblical Hope means to have a sure anchor of a person’s spirit.

At. St. Christopher’s inn, we strive to share this kind of Hope and Compassion with each and every Brother Christopher who comes to our door, providing context and guidance for a spiritual renewal. Your prayers and generosity are great signs of hope and compassion to all of us here. The men and staff pray for each of you daily. God love and Bless you always.

Fr. Dennis

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