Family Program

Healing Many Hearts in the Family Program

The family program is a three part series, which allows the family members to come and learn how the disease of addiction has impacted them and also how they have played a part in the disease. They learn about the disease concept in the first session, co-dependency in the second session, and enabling in the third session. Case managers have to approve of the client entering the program, and the client needs to be in treatment for one month before they enter the program. Information is sent out to the family members inviting them to the program. More than 1,000 clients and family members participate in the Family Porgram each year.

Many clients, due to the consequences of the disease and homelessness, do not know if family members are willing to participate, which yields anxiety about the process. Clients are encouraged to sign the necessary consent forms and allow their family members to decide. The process of the family program allows clients and their families to see and confront issues they have been unable to deal with, without support. The program works towards breaking through the denial and secrecy on the part of the client and their families. After an intense Sunday session, each client and their family are permitted to have a one-hour visit.

Laura Zick
Family Program Coordinator