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My New Plan

August 16, 2021

It is sad that my old style of life is dead.
I’ve decided it’s time to start a new one instead.
Drinking, anger, and isolation is put to rest
while work, sobriety and family will help me be at my best.
My marriage being over hurts me so,
but I’ll pull myself together so that I may grow.
I will miss my wife ‘til the day I die,
but I know deep down I shall survive.
Strength from a new love will appear.
Pushing out my sadness helps dry out my tears.
Financial issues will fade away.
Hopes of a new family will come around someday.
I wish all the best for my wife;
trust in God is my new plan of life.
Happiness will be trust upon me.
This is great for my kids to see.
Not drinking alcohol anymore
shall help me open life’s new door.
Stepping through this door is what I must do.
Keep my anger in check, don’t let it brew.
So far, my plan looks great from where I stand.
It’s now time to go out and show everyone that I am a changed man.
I leave here a man worthy of love and respect.
When I’m shown that I’ll stop, think, and reflect.

– Scott B.

This writing is selected as an excerpt from the book Effective Use of Creative Writing in the Treatment of Addiction to Chemical Substances, Eric A. Kreuter, Ph.D., editor, a clinician at St. Christopher’s Inn.
It is published by Nova Science Publishers, to learn more click HERE.

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