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August 16, 2021

I’ve been haunted by a ghost of me
Running through places nobody should be
Doing things, I know I shouldn’t
Wanting to stop but I just couldn’t
Running so hard, living life fast
Chasing a high that just wouldn’t last
I’ve been tied to a seat in the theater of my mind
Watching the movie of my life on rewind
So many years gone, how many more have I got?
Will I always be the shame? I sure hope not
I’ve decided to come to St. Christopher’s Inn,
I’m here to purge my life of such sin.
A day at a time I’m beginning to feel,
I’ll cry it all out and let myself heal.
I can finally say now as I couldn’t then,
I will never, ever be the shame again

~ Richard M.
(Grateful Guest of SCI)

This writing is selected as an excerpt from the book Effective Use of Creative Writing in the Treatment of Addiction to Chemical Substances, Eric A. Kreuter, Ph.D., editor, a clinician at St. Christopher’s Inn.
It is published by Nova Science Publishers, to learn more click HERE.

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